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Some clutch headlines ripped from the front page of The Evening Post in Miller’s Crossing

Miller’s Crossing is a movie I will always watch, any time it is on, possibly in breach of other more (economically) pressing engagements. Imagine my delight just now when noticing not only that it’s suddenly available on instant netflix (we are discussing here a hard-copy diskette I had in my hot little hands a few short months ago) but that I can make out some headlines shown in the Coen-imagined Evening Post. The majority of these headlines I recall being illegible when previously pausing the screen with my old roommate Troy.

Here I have recounted all the headlines I could read, and one which I partly cannot.

Gangland Slaying

Politician’s “Aide” Found Dead in Alley

Carbo to Challenge Levander

Municipal Sewage Contracts to O’Bannon

Chinese Money Dips In Canton Continue reading

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A Kind of Obsolete Vernacular

In a previous post I quoted from and copied a link to Eli Cash Intro (from Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums) on the YouTube. I regret tremendously not placing it in the body of the text, so that we could all revel in the triumph of this character (and lend credence to everything I proclaim henceforth).

I think about Eli on a weekly if not daily basis, and am inclined to reflect further. Continue reading

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