A google search yesterday as a result of randomly rewatching this clip from a 2010 Ginger’s Ale House (now AJ Hudson’s) improvised show with my man Neal Dandade provided a surprising internet revelation. My dubious usage of the made-up and not-real word “ignominiable” prompted said search, and one choice internet hotlink later I was gazing upon this little chestnut:

ignominiable 1Such vigorous opining on the already irrelevant opinion of Time Magazine, especially after a calendar-year’s-irrellevancy-double-down is just fantastic.

Even more remarkable is the exception taken and comment made by a (presumably real?) rep of the DPRK embassy:

ignominiable 2Ignominiable!! Not only am I am shocked and impressed that they are serious enough to comment on (an misconstrue) a blog whose masthead reads “The Blog That Barely Even Tries.”

I’m also overcome with pondering the significance of the fact that I blundered into the exact same non-existent English word as this inscrutable North Korean internet-savvy diplomat to the United Kingdom. It’s completely arbitrary. But the sheer randomness of the two occurrences makes the connection even more compelling to me.

Also, the syntax police are going to have a field day.

Breaking down my misnomer etymologically, perhaps my brain was going for a melange of “ignoble” and “ignominious,” the latter being such peach of a word that I have to share google’s take:

ignominious 3All I want is to be party to that party.

Bedfellows, let us ever risk ignominious defeat!

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