Wisdom from Samuel Johnson, Lexicographer

In the harsh climate of endless election cycle, let us spare a brief moment in consideration of the wisdom from the long-dead English lexicographer Samuel Johnson.

Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

This is best demonstrated currently by the odious, orange-visaged canker-blossom of the moment I need not name.

Johnson’s wisdom (and misogyny) are easily internet-viewable. Many a chestnut awaits the curious reader:

O’er preoccupied with scoundrels was this wordsmith? Perhaps. Although there are extant, today as then, so very many. From beyond the grave he expands my vocabulary:

My dear friend, clear your mind of cant.

 He traffics effortlessly in the current medium of self-help:

Self-confidence is the first requisite of great undertakings.

He provides advice for parenting and education:
Here is wise counsel for the entertainment industry:
Also, the honest examination of human inclinations:
And finally he gives morbid encouragement for awareness present moment:
So may I endeavor concentrate each day henceforth.

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