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Poetry in Telecasting

NBCSN’s Arlo White is a fount of pure wordsmithery. Amuse-toi with this chestnut from the 56th minute of today’s Chelsea-Man City broadcast, wherein he delivered the following crackerjack commentary live:

Fernandinho opens the play up to find Navas. Support arriving from Silva. Tries the give and go. Matic was back but Silva held onto it…then threaded it through to Navas. Here comes the cross  and Fernandinho with the header, it’s AN AWKWARD ONE! The bounce almost deceived Courtois.

His footwork was true.

And he concedes the corner with a fine save.

All the names are Man City players except Courtois, the Belgian Chelsea goalkeeper (he the opposing goalie of last summer’s infamous Tim-Howard-again-etching-his-name-on-our-hearts-matchup). The caps denote volume, the italics a pensive emphasis, and the spaces a tantalizing whisper of a pause. Laid atop live game-play it was a masterstroke.

The immediately following work by Graeme Le Saux was less cogent but almost as compelling during the replay:

That’s quality football again by Navas. Works the one-two really well, that’s an excellent ball in, Fernandinho arriving late. And that downward header…nearly caught Courtois out. And that bounce, it’s just looping and dipping under the bar, isn’t it, Courtois alert to the danger.

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