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The irrepressably-enjoyable Rog Bennett of Men in Blazers has been all over this but in the anxious run-up to US-Portugal on Sunday, it’s fun to review how despite Hondouras’ tough losses, the CONCACAF teams are doing unbelievably well! Costa Rica with six points are you kidding me? Mexico holds Brazil? Wow.

It fled my recollection, but I know I looked up the acronym at some point, and it felt like this scrappy display from the top three teams in international football’s longest weirdest-titled body merits some love for our crazy confed.  (The second best name in my book is CONMEBOL, third is OFC, O for Oceania. I told a buddy recently about Mexico squeaking into the World Cup via a two leg playoff with the winner from Oceania and he laughed out loud, “Do they play Atlantis?”  Unbeatable because they’re impossible to find.)

The most sticktuitive lil confed’s acronym stands for the much too-logical (if slightly odd grammatically) “the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Island Association Football.”

CONCACAFés all ’round!


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