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Myself and A Jar

This is a video of me attempting to open a jar of pickled gherkins at some point in 2006. Grocery shopping had just been done, which in part resulted in the video. For some reason it is compelling to me, even though it’s kind of silly and childish.

Particularly interesting to me are moments when people are on camera, putting out their “I know I’m on camera so I am presenting this version of myself,” demeanor until something happens that distracts them and you get a glimpse of unpolished self peeking through. This happens several times as I struggle to cope with the jar, occasionally resulting in some choice epithets.

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Big Massive Protest

My good friend Paul Timoney is an amazing artist and storyteller. This is a movie that Paul’s friend Nick made about a performance art project he devised and a group of us performed in Galway City:

Big Massive Protest


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