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Don’t sleep on Belgium!

Firstly, I recently came across an article titled:

Aldi confirms up to 100% horsemeat in beef products

which made me laugh out loud real hard.

While I fully recognize that I am late to the party on this one (Paul Doyle has been saying this for a long time), I am establishing my own internet date-stamped belief that Belgium is going to do very well in the World Cup. I suppose some kind of quarter- or semi-final appearance perhaps?

They murdalized their qualifying group in Europe (tough place to play though their group was not).

I would consider myself to have a passing fascination with world soccer. I divert more attention than necessary or appropriate, but am far from an expert. But reading over the Belgian national team roster, names jump out that are among the European elite.

For those too lazy to clink a link:  Christian Benteke, Mousa Dembélé, Marouane Fellaini, Eden Hazard, Vincent Kompany, Romelu Lukaku, Thomas Vermaelen. Jan Vertonghen. Plus a bunch of cats we ain’t never heard of yet.

Don’t sleep on Belgium!

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